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January 19, 2022

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Yang Gang Candidate SURGES In Harlem

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Yang Gang Candidate SURGES In Harlem

Meet the progressive candidate who is surging in Harlem, rallying people young & old in the fight for universal basic income & more. John Iadarola and James Felton Keith break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Growing up in Detroit in the middle of its economic demise, James was forever riddled by a place and time that seemed to be synonymous with the modern ruin of the industrial age. With the odds against him, his family was strong enough to insist on finding education through curiosity.

His sister is an award winning educator. She Co-Founded the Keith Institute, but she used to be annoying 😘 . His mom is a union steward at SEIU Local 517. His dad is a financial planner. They unknowingly taught James and his sister the value of a dollar by giving them an allowance for school grades with outdated check books. They had to write and balance checks for things they thought they’d like to buy with the allowances that they earned. James’ parents were just looking for a way to stop the constant ask for things.

He says that he considered himself an entrepreneur, before he was familiar with the word. His mother tells a story of his suspension from school for selling Now And Later candy to his classmates in the 1st grade. The Detroit Public School’s principal at McKinney Elementary told her that James would be a drug dealer. It turns out that he was only selling candy to make new friends to fight a bully from the orphanage next door. And so they did. JFK has been straddling the fence of entrepreneurship and politics for the 30 years since… And beating up bullies has become a sort of pastime."

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