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January 26, 2022

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TYT REPLAY: My Pillow Guy IMPLODES, and Rand Paul CORRUPTION Scandal Bombshell

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Hour One: Ana Kasparian joined by Charles F. Coleman Jr.
Hour Two: Ana Kasparian joined by Lance from The Serfs

Rand Paul revealed Wednesday that his wife bought stock in Gilead Sciences – which makes an antiviral drug used to treat COVID-19 – back on Feb. 26, 2020, before the threat of coronavirus was fully understood. Mississippi asks the Biden Administration to send military hospital ships. Laura Ingraham forgets the meaning of irony. Union workers plan a protest against “corporate greed” outside Disneyland. Amazon to monitor customer service workers keyboard and mouse strokes.

Bolsonaro’s “banana republic” military parade was condemned by critics. Canada pledges millions to search for residential school graves. Q-Anon cultist kills his two kids because his beliefs told him they possessed serpent DNA. Mike Lindell mocked the cyber-experts CNN’s reporter confronted him with. Dan Bongino responds to Fox edited his Trump interview after crazy people got mad at him over it.

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