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August 17, 2022

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TYT REPLAY: FAKED Body Cam Video?! And Cory Booker’s WEIRD FLEX Goes Viral

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Without a single Republican vote, the Senate approves the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint. However, Joe Manchin voices his “serious concerns” about the $3.5 trillion budget after the Senate’s approval. Democrats introduce a bill to force the largest corporations to pay their fair share. Every single Democratic senator voted on a symbolic measure that would punish localities that defund the police. A Tennessee county school board votes to require masks in elementary schools during a raucous meeting.

Sheriff “shocked” by the pushback from medical experts over the viral fentanyl video. A mask-less California man bullies the wrong “Korean uncle” as H-Mart Ahjummas comes to his defense. Chet Hanks rants against COVID vaccines and masks. Rand Paul (and other GOPers) flex about being banned by YouTube for lying about the effectiveness of masks. Tucker Carlson gripes that Dems shun his show because they think he’s a white supremacist.

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