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January 24, 2022

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TYT REPLAY: Everyone Wants Cuomo OUT, and Fake Progressives ATTACK Cori Bush

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MPP activists decided to antagonize and harass Cori Bush as she was securing a win on the eviction moratorium. Cops caught pointing assault rifles at the homeless. Texas politicians that helped write weak bills and served on committees that got them through legislation are now getting paid by the energy industry with campaign cash. Seniors would cross party lines to back candidates who support Medicare negotiated drug prices. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defends unvaccinated people who are catching COVID: the media is being “judgmental.”

Governor Cuomo shows a montage of him kissing and touching people as a defense against sexual misconduct allegations. Governor Cuomo has Newsmax on his side, calling his sexual harassment issues a witch hunt because he doesn’t like Letitia James. A $5 million fine for classroom discussions on race – in Tennessee, this is the new reality. Missouri Governor pardons McCloskeys for gun-waving plea deal. Nassau County passes a proposal that would let police sue protesters.

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