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October 6, 2022

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TYT REPLAY: Biden, Psaki STEAL CREDIT from Cori Bush, and Marjorie Greene’s THREAT

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Jen Psaki and the White House take credit away from Rep. Cori Bush on the new eviction moratorium. Meanwhile, the eviction crisis is a rental assistance crisis. A judge blocked Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to allow cops to pull over cars suspected of transporting undocumented people. Marjorie Taylor Greene was caught on video making threats against door-to-door vaccinators in Alabama. The Biden White House dismisses WHO’s call for a moratorium on COVID vaccine booster shots.

A COVID patient pleads from his hospital bed to get vaccinated. A police department tempts recruits with qualified immunity. No preferred racial term among most Black and Hispanic adults. The FAA urges airport bars and restaurants to stop serving alcohol to go. Trump slams the US Women’s Soccer Team: Would have won the golf if they weren’t “woke.”

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