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January 21, 2022

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TYT Live: CHAOS in House As Tom Cotton Gets DESTROYED

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A market expert fumes to former Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow over Biden’s proposal to double the capital gains tax. Senator Ted Cruz is ripped for one of his biggest, boldest lies yet. Tucker Carlson’s college yearbook entry goes viral, and it’s a doozy. While trying to punish Liz Cheney over her vote to impeach Trump, a bunch of Republicans lined up and badmouthed her at a conference meeting like mean girls. Bodycam footage shows a police officer who killed a Black man in California. And, is the U.S. housing market heading for a crash?

Senator Ron Johnson is now speaking out against vaccinating as many people as possible. Republicans blew up after a Democratic congressman accused them of spread “racist trash” in a debate over D.C. statehood. A Disney fan says wokeness is ruining the park experience. Rep. Matt Gaetz is really starting to get desperate. Gender reveal party in New Hampshire blew up 80lbs of explosives and damaged nearby homes.

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