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January 24, 2022

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TYT LIVE: Biden, Pelosi FAIL ON PURPOSE on Evictions, and Lindsey Graham Has COVID

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The White House and Democrats are scrambling to come up with a way to do something about the eviction moratorium expiring. Meanwhile, Dems scored real estate cash before letting the eviction ban expire. A lawsuit initiated against Trump for “illegal” deportations resumes against Biden. Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID, a breakthrough case that has some Senators shook. Biden’s vaccine requirement for government employees sparks lawsuits and challenges. Officials say the Amazon union vote at the Alabama warehouse should be redone. The New York Attorney General says that Governor Cuomo violated federal and state laws as he sexually harassed multiple women. Palestinians reject the Israeli court’s deal that would put them at the “mercy of settlers” in Sheikh Jarrah. The Islamic State has infiltrated GETTR with loads of violent content, and the pro-Trump app can’t/won’t control it sufficiently. Meet the couples who spent lockdown doing drugs together as “therapy.”

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