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September 26, 2022

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Trump’s Secret Flushed Messages UNCOVERED

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Donald Trump has a nasty habit of flushing his secret messages down toilets, but it doesn’t always work out as exposed by Maggie Haberman on CNN News. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report.

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‘Gross and Important’: Maggie Haberman Lifts the Lid on Her Trump Toilet Bowl Scoop –

"“Gross and important I think are the two important words here,” said Maggie Haberman — after Axios published photos she obtained showing documents with former President Donald Trump’s handwriting being flushed down the toilet.

Haberman appeared on CNN’s New Day Monday to discuss her big toilet bowl scoop. The New York Times correspondent said that while some might be inclined to make light of the revelation, it is no laughing matter.

“It would still be a story if it was a fireplace,” Haberman said, referring to the instrument used to destroy the documents. “The point is about the destruction of records which are supposed to be preserved under the presidential records act, which is a Watergate-era creation.”"

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