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December 8, 2022

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Trump RAGES At Mitch McConnell In Blistering Threats

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Donald Trump loses it over Mitch McConnell voting in favor to secure future elections in a threatening Truth Social post. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report.

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Trump Was Torched For ‘Ridiculously Racist’ Attack On Mitch McConnell’s Wife (That Also Featured Thinly-Veiled Violent Rhetoric, Of Course) –

"Right now, Donald Trump seems to be as cornered as he’s ever been, and when he thinks he’s screwed, that’s when he really lashes out. On Friday night, that’s what he did. While most people were out and about, he was on his rinky-dink Twitter clone, trashing Mitch McConnell, spewing both thinly veiled violent rhetoric and straight-up racism.

The former president’s latest meltdown came after his successor, Joe Biden, signed into law a bill that would avert a government shutdown, at least through mid-December, as well as one that sent aid to Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion.

“Is McConnell approving all of these trillions of dollars worth of Democrat-sponsored bills, without even the slightest bit of negotiation, because he hates Donald J. Trump, and he knows I am strongly opposed to them,” Trump steamed on Truth Social, “or is he doing it because he believes in the Fake and Highly Destructive Green New Deal, and is willing to take the country down with him?”"

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