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January 21, 2022

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Replay: TYT LIVE: Republicans BLAME Trump For Everything

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In the first hour: Senator Ron Johnson tells Joe Biden to choose between impeachment and a cabinet. Meanwhile, Trump’s impeachment is being sent to the Senate on Monday, with a potential trial to begin next week. In vaccine news, Dallas County axes plan to prioritize vaccinating communities of color after the state threatens to slash allocations. Plus, new executive orders from the Biden Administration on the Coronavirus Pandemic. On the economy, Biden wants to raise taxes yet many of the Trump tax cuts are here to stay. Despite calls to repeal the 2017 law, Biden is likely to tinker with it given the constraints. Lastly, the QAnon Shaman feels duped after not receiving a pardon, the Pelosi laptop thief’s lawyer claims she took the president’s bait, and a former Houston police officer claims he breached the Capitol to see some “historic art.”
In the second hour: Biden and the Dems discuss the filibuster. Multiple members of the Democratic Caucus committed to preserving the 60 vote threshold, new Press Secretary Jen Psaki makes it clear Biden is against ending the legislative filibuster, and Joe Manchin commits to breaking with Dems on progressive issues. Plus AOC skipped the Inauguration in fear of her own House colleagues, Rep. Andy Harris tries to bring a gun onto the House floor, and Capitol police are investigating. A rich businessman, and criminal, paid GOP consultant Matt Schlapp $750k to get a pardon – and old Schlapp failed. And lastly, the NY Times cry foul on Biden’s bipartisanship citing the lack of a Republican cabinet member, and Marsha Blackburn has instant amnesia on Trump’s support for the thin blue line.

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