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September 26, 2022

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Replay: TYT Live: Police BODY CAM Video in Virginia and Minnesota

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A Virginia police officer accused of assaulting a U.S. Army officer has been fired. Newsmax host Greg Kelly is a real piece of work and wants everyone to know it. Minnesota cops near the Derek Chauvin trial shoot and kill a 20-year-old Black man during a traffic stop, sparking new protests. Daniel Hale blew the whistle on the US’s illegal drone program – he’s a hero, not a criminal. Fox & Friends is not impressed with job growth projections on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, claiming it’s “only” 2.7 million new jobs. Plus, a look at other manufactured Biden scandals. Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump. Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald is defending Gaetz’s right to have sex with 17-year-olds, even though he doesn’t have that right. How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and allies moved to court the Democratic establishment, not fight it. Trump slashes at Mitch McConnell, as he reiterates election falsehoods at a Republican event. Chris Wallace challenges Greg Abbott about his silence on Trump’s migrant abuses.

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