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May 25, 2022

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Replay: TYT LIVE: Marjorie Greene HATES Space Lasers, Wants to Play the VICTIM

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Leon Cooperman is back for more crocodile tears, this time over higher taxes for the wealthy. Plus Bernie hits back as the billionaire investor whines about tax hikes, and Elizabeth Warren reminds us that billionaires are just big greedy babies. More videos of Marjorie Taylor Greene keep dropping, as Democratic lawmakers object to the Sandy Hook Massacre denier being appointed to the House Education Committee. David Hogg makes a point to say if someone like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘shoots and kills me, politicize my death’ to strengthen gun laws. Meanwhile, progressives in Congress like Reps. Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush start to take action to handle their insane colleague. The GOP signals their unwillingness to part with Trump after the failed insurrection, as Kevin McCarthy meets with Donald Trump in Florida. Plus, Brian Williams has ‘exclusive footage’ of the Trump/McCarthy meeting. Congressman Ted Cruz sent a letter to Pelosi demanding that AOC apologize for her tweets about Ted Cruz’ role in the insurrection. The SEC scolds’ investors as GameStop jumps and the short-selling wars resume. Jen Psaki gets applause and a new nickname for answering the bare minimum, and Robinhood announces new stock limits to protect the rich. GOP infighting continues as an anti-Trump Republican group launches a billboard campaign urging Cruz and Hawley to resign, and center-right Republicans fear disaster for the party. Meghan McCain quickly deletes some hot takes comparing Reddit GameStop buyers with the Capitol rioters and snaps at her View co-hosts during her GameStop rant. Plus the latest fallout from the Proud Boys leader snitching, and a Twitch streamer puts on a masterclass in shutting down trolls.

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