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January 26, 2022

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Replay: TYT Live: MAGA Rioter Claims “FOX MANIA” Defense

2 min read

Guests Trae Crowder and Charles F. Coleman Jr. join Cenk, Jayar and Benjamin Dixon as Denny’s shareholders revolt after top exec concedes that a $15 minimum wage won’t hurt the business. A Maryland county is considering alternative meals for students with lunch debt. Tucker Carlson makes a BS claim that “30 people every day” are dying from vaccines. Three other cops involved in the George Floyd murder have been federally charged. And a lawyer says his Capitol Defendant had “Foxmania” from watching too much Fox News.

Like Lindsey Graham, Elise Stefanik was once a harsh critic of Trump… until she saw the GOP political power of dumbing down and pandering to racists. Lindsey Graham confirms that the GOP is the party of Trump: “The Republican Party cannot move on without Donald Trump.” Sheila Jackson Lee pens an op-ed saying: “I’m a proud progressive who thinks Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush are true patriots.” Jamie Dimon speaks out on raising taxes: “just throwing money, it doesn’t work.” And the cop who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks has been reinstated as an Atlanta Police Officer.

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