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January 26, 2022

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Replay: Ted Cruz LIES Get WORSE As Texans Freeze

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Ted Cruz admits it was a bad move to run to Cancun but still holds onto the lie that he was planning to work during the trip. Plus, Cruz actually left his dog at home when he left for Mexico. Meanwhile, Texas was warned a decade ago that its grid was unready for the cold. Texas regulators claim the state was “seconds and minutes” away from potential months-long blackouts. AOC has announced that she raised $2 million for Texas relief efforts in under 24 hours. A new economic study demolishes the myth parroted by President Biden about who would benefit most from student debt relief, as new polls show that canceling $50k in student debt relief is favored by a 17 percent margin. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is back to regular business of the Republican Party – pushing multiple laws to restrict voting rights. House Democrats offer bills to boost the IRS’s auditing of the rich, and corporations.
Jerry Jones’ company hits the “jackpot” as the harsh storm sends natural gas prices surging. Meanwhile, the coal industry is doubling down against Biden’s Climate Agenda. Life expectancy in America dropped by a full year in the first half of 2020. Georgia Republicans are trying to change the rules for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, to make it harder to prosecute Donald Trump for election crimes. Lindsey Graham plans to travel to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring of Donald Trump after Scalise and McCarthy did. And Nikki Haley gets turned down when trying to kiss Trump’s ass after already criticizing him. Atlanta’s mayor is urging NBA fans to not come to town for the NBA All-Star game in March.

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