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December 6, 2022

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Replay: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Pulls a TED CRUZ

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The former Capitol Police Chief says he regrets stepping down. Plus, a look at how right-wing media launders the reputation of Ted Cruz. A federal judge rips a capitol rioter’s Trump defense. The Conservative Political Action Conference canceled a speaker for their upcoming event, “America Uncanceled.” California can finally enforce its landmark net neutrality laws. George Clooney is set to produce a docuseries about the abuse scandal that Jim Jordan was accused of covering up.
Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID aid bill faces the Senate chopping block. A majority of U.S. voters want the government to invest more in healthcare, education, and fighting poverty as Republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Mitt Romney take aim at the bill. Josh Hawley is trying to seem populous for a presidential run, so he introduced a stupid bill that would raise peoples’ income from the minimum wage via tax credits. Plus, more details on the Romney and Cotton proposal. Romney also predicts a second Trump presidency. Police say an Albany landlord tied up, ‘evicted’ sleeping tenants, dumping them in a cemetery. Two Senate panels considering Neera Tanden have postponed meetings, in a sign that things are going south for her nomination. Dems accuse the Republicans and Manchin of ‘a double standard’ on Biden nominations.

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