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January 17, 2022

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Replay: Ben Shapiro FIGHTS Majorie Taylor Greene. Seriously.

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Secretary of State Blinken is talking about rallying international support to help rebuild Gaza after we assisted in destroying it further. Leaked memos show that the Associated Press might be regretting its firing of a young journalist over her pro-Palestinian activism. Biden Aide Cedric Richmond talks about what’s next for police reform. Koch funded eviction push while buying real estate stakes. Florida governor signs law against tech firms de-platforming politicians. Republicans accused of economic ‘sabotage’ as Florida becomes the 23rd GOP-led state to slash jobless benefits. Marjorie Taylor Greene spars with Ben Shapiro after comparing vaccination logos to Nazi-forced Jewish stars. Another example of ‘you got what you asked for’ as Nevada Proud Boys threaten and battle with state GOP leaders, forcing a meeting to be shut down over safety concerns. Trump flack Jason Miller ordered to pay $42,000 in legal fees for failed lawsuit. The White House is partnering with dating apps to get people vaccinated.

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