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January 24, 2022

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President Trump to address the U.N. General Assembly | USA TODAY

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President Donald Trump is expected to make Iran a major focus of his address Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, his third speech to world leaders in New York.
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The president came on a mission to build an international coalition to oppose Iran, but critics question whether he has enough support among allies on the issue to make much headway. Not helping matters: Trump has been dogged at the U.N. by questions about the widening scandal surrounding his conversations with Ukraine, and whether he threatened to withhold U.S. aide to Kiev unless officials there launched an investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Trump has denied it.

At the United Nations Monday, Trump will make a plea for broader global support to fight persecution based on people’s religious beliefs and to protect houses of worship from attack.

His call to action, which the White House describes as the president’s key event at the international gathering, comes after the United States has convened two conventions of foreign leaders to discuss religious freedom issues in the past two years.

Trump, in fact, may be the most visible and active on this issue of any president since Ronald Reagan, said William Inboden, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin who worked on international religious freedom issues for the George W. Bush administration.

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