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August 17, 2022

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Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, Climate Change Remain Big Threats – LV Monday Media Mixup 10

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01-Argument between Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance on critical race theory moderated by Bill Maher devolves into sniping

02-NBC Meet the Press news summary from Chuck Todd on pandemic of unvaccinated soaring from delta variant

03-CBS’ Face the Nation news summary from John Dickerson and Mark Strassman on covid resurgence because of delta variant

04-Fox News Sunday news summary from Bret Baier and Peter Doocy on infrastructure

05-CNN State of the Union news summary from Dana Bash on pandemic, infrastructure deal

06-ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos news summary from George Stephanopoulos on pandemic of unvaccinated soaring from delta variant

07-Dr Anthony Fauci asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd to clear up mixed messaging and explain dangers of delta variant to vaccinated and unvaccinated and dangers of letting covid continue to spread among unvaccinated

08-Sen Bill Cassidy asked by CNN’s Dana Bash to talk as a doctor about pandemic and mask mandates

09-Gov Asa Hutchinson asked by CBS’ John Dickerson about bill he signed prohibiting mask mandates in school he now says was wrong

10-Sen Rick Scott asked by Fox News’ Bret Baier about Pres Joe Biden criticizing Gov Ron De Santis on Florida’s rising cases and mask prohibition

11-George Stephanopoulos introduction on wildfires to discuss connection to climate change with Dr Kristina Dahl and Dr Michael Mann in new IPCC report

12-Sec of Transportation Pete Buttigieg asked by Fox News Bret Baier about whether his comments while running for President about the dangers of deficits apply to the infrastructure deal

13-Rep Cori Bush asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about her comments on paying for personal security while supporting defunding the police

Full argument between Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance on critical race theory moderated by Bill Maher from last Friday titled “Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance on Critical Race Theory | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)” on HBO Real Time with Bill Maher YouTube channel at

Full IPCC press release titled “Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying” with links to the full first installment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report is at

Full NBC Meet The Press at

Full ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos at

More Fox News Sunday video at

More CNN State of the Union video at

Full CBS Face The Nation episode available free on YouTube in parts at

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