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January 20, 2022

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Fighting For Voting Rights and Against Covid – LV Monday Media Mixup 5

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01-Fox News panel with Mike Emanuel, Juan Williams, Charlie Hurt, and Catherine Lucey discuss Trump denying charges against Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization

01a-Weisselberg Indictment Paragraph 7

02-Charlie Hurt baffled by how Arizona law could be a voting restriction

03-Ruth Marcus asked by MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart about Alito opinion in Supreme Court voting rights case

04-Rep James Clyburn asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about voting rights, voting ID, and getting rid of filibuster to pass voting rights legislation

05-ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos news summary from Martha Raddatz on status of covid in US with rreturn to West Virginia and interview with
Gov Jim Justice

06-NBC’s Meet the Press news summary from Chuck Todd on how US went from one of the worst responses to covid to getting close to almost going back to normal

07-CBS’ Face the Nation news summary from Ed O’Keefe and Mark Strassman on status of covid in US

08-Fox News Sunday news summary from Mike Emanuel and Mark Meredith on Biden difficulties with legislation, vaccinations, Afghanistan

09-CNN State of the Union news summary from Dana Bash on status of covid in US

10-CBS’ Ed O’Keefe asks White House Covid Coordinator Jeff Zients about return to normalcy, lagging vaccination rates

11-Dr Anthony Fauci asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd about how many US deaths were unnecessary


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