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January 25, 2022

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Biden Leads Democracies Against Autocracies? LV Monday Media Mixup 2

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2:02 Susan Glasser asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about upcoming meeting between Pres Joe Biden and Pres Vladimir Putin

8:51 Pres Joe Biden repeats his talking point about democracies vs autocracies at UK press conference

11:24 ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos news summary from Martha Raddatz and Ian Pannell about Biden’s European trip

19:44 Fox News Sunday news summary from Chris Wallace and Peter Doocy on Biden European trip

25:35 CBS’ Face the Nation brief news summary from John Dickerson of events in Biden’s European trip

29:30 CNN State of the Union news summary from Dana Bash on Biden’s European trip, stalled legislation in Congress, and latest Trump DOJ scandal

33:51 Sec of State Antony Blinken asked by John Dickerson about signs of success in Biden’s leadership of democracies against autocracies

41:12 Mike Pompeo asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace about Biden’s European trip and how Biden compares to Trump on Russia, Putin

52:10 Rep Michael McCaul asked by ABC’s Martha Raddatz about Europeans seeing Biden as “breath of fresh air” after Trump and about Biden meeting with Vladimir Putin

1:04:05 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about Biden’s upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin

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