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August 19, 2022

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Ben Shapiro Says Bye-Bye

2 min read

Is Ben Shapiro arguing for succession following the California recall? Francesca Fiorentini and David Shuster break it down on The Damage Report. 

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"So that is the takeaway from the California election is that the continued sorting effect is going to continue. And that we are going to be a country where the red states become redder and the blue states become bluer and the purple states will either shift over into red or blue and then follow that path inevitably. As Virginia has, right? Virginia went from purple to blue and now it seems like it’s going to continue moving blue. Seems to be the trend over in Virginia. On the other hand, Ohio went from purple to red and seems like it’s going to get more red over time. Florida moved from purple to red and seems like it’s getting more red over time. California’s going to move from blue to deep blue to, like, dark night blue. That’s what’s going to happen in the country."

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