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August 19, 2022

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Air Force Veteran Joins Progressive Fight

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Air Force Veteran Joins Progressive Fight

Air Force veteran inspired by Bernie Sanders joins the progressive fight. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and William Haston break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"William Haston grew up in a hard working family in the mountains of East Tennessee. As early as fourth grade, he knew he wanted to engage in politics to effect change after not being able to reconcile this familiar clause in the Declaration of Independence: “ […] that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, […] Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” At that time, he knew both of his parents were working, one in food service, one in government, and was provided childcare by a grandmother who still worked second shift as a school custodian. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they worked, they couldn’t get ahead. After graduating from King College in Bristol, Tennessee, in the height of the Great Recession, William joined the Air Force, where he served for nine years. He separated from active duty in 2017 and moved to Decatur with his family. In August, he received his Masters in Public Administration from Clemson University.

Everywhere you look, there are people working hard to try to build a better life for their children, whether they’ve lived here their entire lives, or are starting over in a new home. But woven into the fabric of Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, systemic inequity creates barriers in jobs, housing, education and healthcare.

Our unemployment rate, poverty rate and the rate of people with no health insurance are all higher than national averages.

William will fight for policies that get money out of our political system and combat income and wealth inequality. That means pursuing aggressive policies like Medicare for All, tuition free public college, higher wages, and above all a Green New Deal.
It means a representative that rejects corporate money and champions progressive ideas."

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